No. 55 – Loooooongish Cat and MC Guru’s Supernova of Art and Beats


According to MC Guru (Joshua Kinney) and Loooooongish Cat (Daniel Gaymer), No.55 is a collection of songs, insightful words, and art that suddenly bust out from nothing. Imagine a cyborg cat accompanied by a bardic swoon musically soothing the Soul. From miasmic mists and from the sublime womb of femininity step out people penetrating a dance that imbues the scene with masculine goodness. Opposites coalesce giving breath to heavy dancing light project “No.55”, which celebrates Beijing-grown music and art by Loooooongish Cat and MC Guru.

Musical influences include 90’s hip hop and early drum and bass. Almost all of the tracks were recorded using a vintage Boss DS330 drum machine and Eowave Domino mono synth to get a warm retro tone, while MC Guru’s vocals were hauled off to the Loooooongish Cat’s ta

‘kAt’. 68cmx118cm. 2022. Ink, acrylic, spray paint, pastels, cassette tape, cassette template, white out, glitter on rice paper and wooden panel

pe lair and run through circuit-bent cassette players, half broken tape loops, and reel-to-reel recorders to create a tapestry of magnetic ghosts swirling around the listener. Welcome to No.55.

The duo has brought chaotic and magical energy to numerous live shows around Beijing since the release. Stream the EP here. All tracks are distributed exclusively through VerseOne Distribution.

Acoustic set of No. 55

Public walkman performance of No. 55 in Songzhuang Feb. ’23

Stay tuned for a No. 55 cassette and art show at Pool Bar in Beijing’s Gulou this coming August.

About Loooooooongish Cat

Loooooongish Cat

Since the summer of 2020, the glitched-out tape-mashing techno beats of Loooooongish Cat have been swirling around the dance floors of Beijing, with the occasional foray outside of the Northern Capitol. The Loooooongish Cat demonstrates what can be done with a pile of old cassette tapes, a 4/4 drum beat, and some old video game samples. The Loooooongish Cat takes no prisoners, so get involved in the feline fine party!

Stream Loooooongish Cat’s previous releases here.

About MC Guru

MC Guru

Joshua Kinney paints on mildew canvas channeling shapes and random colors. He is inspired by abstract expressionism and classic Chinese ink. As a Massachusetts native who visited Jack Kerouac’s grave, Josh writes poetry but less smartly. His stage name is MC Guru and he likes to rap with a dismantled KTV mic. Also, he likes ripping open deep sounds on a 3-D print Shakuhachi, made by a teacher in Beijing.

Painting exhibitions and performance art by Joshua include:

2023 May “Art Exhibition for 50 paintings” Solo show 子集 Aranya, Qinhuangdao

2023 May “After Ecstasy Laundry” Loooooongish Cat & Davecoin feat, MC Guru, Beijing

2022 December Album release “No. 55” CoArtist Project/Daftpop/Verse One, Beijing

2022 October “A Kind of Foreign Friend” Co-creator, Beijing International Design Week

2022 September “Oedipus the King” Poet and artist collaborator National Theatre, Aranya

2021 Spring “Spring Chic” Performance art. Capsule Image Lab, Hutong, Beijing

2020 Summer “SMTH. X 4” Group show. Tuli Studio, Shangyuan Art Village, Beijing

2020 – 2021 “The Old Child” Art Film by Felipe Esparza.

2018 “Happy Savage” Art Film by Felipe Esparza. Shangyuan Art Village, Beijing

2018 “Metamorphosis” Performance art with Song Yuzhe. Yue Space, Beijing

2000-2022 “Wanders the Mountain” U.S.A. to Asia

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