Eric Allen’s February Music Video Releases


Three new music videos off Eric Allen’s “Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” album have recently been released in the month of February. Watch and listen below!

Black Water Buff

It’s said that blues legend Son House once commented that the blues was all about men, women, and sex. Black Water Buff tells the story of a man who, feeling bossed and bullied by his woman, takes revenge on her when he finds out she’s been cheating. He then takes a train to Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana to find her lover. When the mood of the song changes at around 3 minutes, we learn of the man’s plan to also take revenge on the ‘other man’ using a roscoe burner, swamp alligator (black water buff), and his lucky conjure hand.

Ball in the Street

Ball in the Street was inspired by dreams I kept having that took place in my Indiana hometown. I always knew it was my hometown in these dreams, however, the people and scenes were never from there. Instead, they were people and scenes I have known since leaving so long ago. These dreams made me wonder: Are the people and scenes never from my hometown because I’ve drifted too far, leaving no more of that boy who once lived there?

Moose Jaw

Legend has it that Al Capone’s mafia would transport alcohol via train from Moose Jaw, Canada to Chicago during Prohibition. Alcohol was said to have been stored in secret underground tunnels to avoid detection. Members of Capone’s Chicago gang were rumored to have spent time gambling and carousing in Moose Jaw during these liquor runs. Some people say all this is true, some say none of it is true, and some say the truth lies in the middle.

Released February 2, 2023, “Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” is Indiana native, Eric Allen’s second studio album. Listen and watch below previously released videos from the album. To stream or listen to the album, click here.

Prowlin' Lobo Blues

“Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” album front cover design by Graeme Nicol

Indiana native, Eric Allen, gifted our holiday season last year with 5 new singles from his upcoming album, “Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” throughout December. The album, Eric Allen’s second studio album, “Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” was released on February 2, 2023, across all streaming platforms. The songs use primarily acoustic instruments and include a fusion of Eastern and Western styles and vocals.

Eric’s world-weary raspy voice is the perfect narrator of tales about life on the rails and roads during the mid-19th century, Great Depression, and today in the USA. The 13-track album combines elements from Americana, blues, country, and bluegrass to beautifully weave together a story of freedom, uncertainty, lawlessness, regret, and hometown nostalgia.

Prowlin’ Lobo

Prowlin’ Lobo is meant to evoke feelings of the outlaw chase using the Mexican Grey Wolf as the subject. Running through the US Plains and desert southwest into Mexico, the lobo is hunted by authorities, but can’t be caught. As with many blues-based songs, some lyrics also double as sexual metaphors; in this case, a man ‘on the prowl’ who chases, then leaves, a woman.

The opening track of the album, Prowlin’ Lobo, is a fast track following a Mexican grey wolf on the run as an outlaw. Prowlin’ Lobo is meant to evoke feelings of the outlaw chase using the Mexican Grey Wolf as the subject.

Itinerant Blues

During the Great Depression in the US, many men were forced to leave their families and ride the rails as itinerant laborers. These hobos would usually do agricultural work, moving via trains from place to place based on the seasonal cycle of planting and harvesting crops. Many of these men did not return to their families due to embarrassment or their newfound freedoms from living an itinerant lifestyle (a.k.a. the poor man’s divorce).

Fire in the Canyon

The world often seems divided, causing fear and uncertainty about who you can trust. People are told that one group is trying to protect them while another group is trying to hurt them. What is the truth? Are we even open to the truth? Are we willing to cast aside rational, independent thinking to mindlessly go on believing clear manipulations designed to convince us that ‘they’ are the danger? This divisive atmosphere is the core of my inspiration for Fire in the Canyon.

Short Line Rag

Short Line Rag is about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad in the late 1860s. Specifically, it refers to the race between the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroad companies to see who could first reach Promontory Point, Utah, the designated location where tracks from the east and west would be joined. Short Line Rag’s lyrics were written primarily about, and from the perspective of, an older, short-haul train that fears becoming obsolete.


Maybe the price tag for my regretful actions, or inactions, is that my dark songs will only truly be heard after I have left this world. Why should I wait and wait though when my heart and mind are already paying the penance?

Workin’ on the Blues

Workin’ on the Blues is about the lifelong struggles of musicians who make a living doing many journeyman jobs while continuing to do what they love, i.e., to play blues on the streets and in the bars, – to “stand right here and sing!”

All tracks are distributed exclusively through VerseOne Distribution.

About Eric Allen

Eric Allen, originally from Indiana in the US Midwest and having performed and lived in New York City for over a decade, is a singer/songwriter and guitarist known for his authentic and soulful Americana, blues, country, and outlaw sound. He performs as a solo act using his folksy, Texas-influenced fingerpicking style. Eric has been featured on tours and at international music festivals throughout China, including the October 2021 Chevrolet World Music Asia Festival in Shanghai and Wuhan, Summer 2021 Howlin’ Rotten Blues Tour in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, and Summer 2019 Eric Allen Blues Tour in Shandong and Hebei provinces.

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