VerseOne White-Label Music Distribution

VerseOne White-Label Music Distribution

Run your music distribution company with our end-to-end white label music distribution service, manage your users, organize your catalog, manage royalty reporting, delegate your team, at your pace.




With VerseOne White Label you can personalize our platform to match your brand Logo, select colors and offer an unique and branded platform to your clients.

This includes our account dashboard, royalty dashboard, emails, royalty statements. This option is destined to any music distributor and large labels in needs of a solid platform to centralize their content and manage their clients. Learn More>>





Configure you own domain name to match your brand, deliver notifications and royalty statements via your own custom email.



Take advantage of our marketing tools including but not limited to playlist pitching, radio and TV promotion, billboard ads, social media promotion, press release distribution and many more. Learn More>>



Generate royalty statements and generate invoices for your labels and artists with your custom branding and deliver them via your custom email at your chosen dates.



We provide music video distribution through our white-label platform to VEVO, TIDAL, Amazon Video, Apple Music Video etc. The video distribution service isn’t provided by most white-label platforms and stands us out from the  competition.



The White-label platform provides access to both Label and Artists as sub-users, and allows different both levels of sub-users own and operate their accounts as independent entities, each with individual login credentials.

All yearly plans have a one month discount.



Compare plans, find what works best for you.

All plans have a one-time non-refundable Installation cost of $500

5 Benefits of White Label Music Distribution

Brand Control:

As a small or medium scale music company its important to maintain the look and identity feel across all user touch-points. A white label platform such as that provided by VerseOne allows companies to build their brand and maintain their identity while using back-end technology provided by VerseOne Distribution. This builds brand loyalty and fosters stronger brand recognition for clients.


Cost Effectiveness:

Using a white-label platform drastically reduces the cost of development. So instead of building your own custom software which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. You can spend a few hundred dollars a month on a plug-and-play fully built, customizable white label music distribution platform. This could save time, money and other resources which could have bee used on other aspects of your business.



A white label platform is built with flexible plans which allows you to upgrade your plans as your business grows.  Flexible options include expandable number or tracks, variable number or users which can be labels or artists, or other various custom features, most of which allow you to upgrade without a significantly increased financial burden.


Advanced Features:

Most white label platforms such as VerseOne comes packed with a host of inbuilt features such as detailed analytics, royalty tracking, royalty reporting, marketing and promotional tools. In addition, users can take advantage of VerseOne’s proprietary technology and powerful tools such as audio and music video distribution, social media engagement tracking, user ID verification, AI assisted text to image cover-art generation and image up-scaling.

Focus on Core Competencies:

As a record label, artist management company or small distributor, outsourcing your digital music distribution to a white label service provider allows you to focus on your core business, which is artist development marketing, promotion, instead of engineering and other tech aspects of the music business. Besides, white label platforms are typically experts at building and maintaining software platforms and you can be sure they the tech will be handled efficiently and effectively.