VerseOne Distribution’s GoAsia project aims to provide a launchpad into the Asian Music Industry, with a focus on India and China. Unlock huge potential reach when you break into China and India’s music industry that can reach 3 billion people. That’s about 40% of the world’s population!

In the past, we’ve noticed many artists look over the potential of the Asian market, or if they don’t, are released to Asian markets with little done for visibility or promotions. Our goal with GoAsia is to handpick select musicians across various genres – with emphasis on Afropop, Afro R&B, soul and jazz, and world music genres – and promote them to listeners in Asia through our partnerships with Tencent Music Entertainment (QQ, Kugou, and Kuwo) and Baidu (China’s largest search engine) Music, and Jiosaavn (India).

Bearing in mind Tencent Music Entertainment’s per-stream payout, for example, is just 0.001 RMB, or $0.00015, which is about 3.4% of what Spotify pays the artist. Of course, TME has nearly six times more users than Spotify, which helps level out the field a bit — but still, it’s $150 made on a million streams. Therefore, expanding your fan base beyond your home country can help earn more streaming revenue.


The basic package includes distribution to our DSP’s Asian territories (for example, Apple Music China) as well as Asian DSPs such as Tencent Music Entertainment (QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo), Naver Music, Yandex Music, Xiami Music, UMA, Douyin, TikTok, NetEase, KKBox, Joox, Jiosaavn, etc.


This is a broader package will include but not be limited to:  

*VerseOne Distribution carefully selects artists into this program and reserves the right to decline some applications.

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