Eric Allen Releasing 2nd Studio Album “Prowlin’ Lobo Blues”


Indiana native, Eric Allen’s second studio album, “Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” releases on February 2, 2023, across all streaming platforms.

Prowlin' Lobo Blues

“Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” album front cover design by Graeme Nicol

The 13-track album combines elements from Americana, blues, country, and bluegrass to bring listeners on an emotional journey through the USA during the mid-19th century, the Great Depression, and modern times.

Throughout the month of December, 5 singles from the album were released, showcasing Eric’s gritty and raspy vocals alongside skillful instrumentals consisting of fast banjo, acoustic guitar, harmonica, washboard, mandolin, and even Mongolian horsehead fiddle.

Prowlin’ Lobo

The opening track of the album, Prowlin’ Lobo, is a fast track following a Mexican Grey Wolf on the run as an outlaw.

Workin’ On the Blues

Workin’ on the Blues is about the lifelong struggles of musicians who make a living doing journeyman jobs while still doing what they love. , i.e., to play blues on the streets and in the bars, – “to stand right here and sing!”

Fire in the Canyon

The world often seems divided, causing fear and uncertainty about who you can trust. People are told that one group is trying to protect them while another group is trying to hurt them. What’s the truth?

Short Line Rag

Short Line Rag is about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad in the late 1860s. Specifically, it refers to the race between the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroad companies to see who could first reach Promontory Point, Utah, the designated location where tracks from the East and West would join. Short Line Rag’s lyrics were written primarily about, and from the perspective of, an older, short-haul train that fears becoming obsolete.


Maybe the price tag for my regretful actions, or inactions, is that my dark songs will only truly be heard after I have left this world. Why should I wait and wait though when my heart and mind are already paying the penance?

Stay tuned for “Prowlin’ Lobo Blues” full release on February 2, 2023. Pre-save the album now.

All tracks are distributed exclusively through VerseOne Distribution.

About Eric Allen

Eric Allen, originally from Indiana in the US Midwest and having performed and lived in New York City for over a decade, is a singer/songwriter and guitarist known for his authentic and soulful Americana, blues, country, and outlaw sound. He performs as a solo act using his folksy, Texas-influenced fingerpicking style. Eric has been featured on tours and at international music festivals throughout China, including the October 2021 Chevrolet World Music Asia Festival in Shanghai and Wuhan, Summer 2021 Howlin’ Rotten Blues Tour in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, and Summer 2019 Eric Allen Blues Tour in Shandong and Hebei provinces.

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