New Release: “You Are the Uncapturable Philosophy”, Sanmi Zhang’s Birthday Song to Herself


For her birthday on Feb 7, Sanmi Zhang is releasing a new song, “You are the Uncapturable Philosophy”, which she worked on with Handcuff Dadi and Yunkun Wang. The song was produced as a tribute to the ups and downs to love, and a message for the heartbroken and blindly in love to have the courage to walk away or out of a breakup. Sanmi released this song not only as a birthday gift to herself and her friends but also to encourage the girls out there to be the best versions of themselves.

Sanmi states, “On my birthday, I’d like to gift this song, an anti-lovesick song, to you, to me, to us. Please remember you are great, you are awesome, you are beautiful, and you are unique. Recently, whenever I’m feeling down, I play this song to help with my own anxiety and fragility. Across the entire process from writing to recording to finalizing, I was able to heal.”

If any relationship is causing you to feel down or unfulfilled, please be brave enough to walk away from a relationship that doesn’t serve you. You always have the right to decide whether to love or not. – Sanmi Zhang

❝ How beautiful you are when you leave

The swing swings, and the darkness recedes from here on

Cherry-colored knees heal with the wind

You are the uncapturable philosophy. ❞

Sanmi Zhang and producer, Yuankun Wang

“I would like to thank my good friend, Wang Yuankun, for tirelessly laying bricks and tiles. The whole project was completed in his hands through all the seasons. Invincible and perfect, although it’s not up to his usual production standards, he was willing to help me break out of my framework of pop songs and turn this into a hit song. To make music, you must first satisfy your own needs, and the most important thing is to be happy. My heart is fulfilled and I am happy.”

Listen to “You Are the Uncapturable Philosophy” here.

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