TikTok is an immensely popular mobile short user-generated video creation and viewing application. It enables its users to create short videos that include clips of a sound recording (of less than thirty seconds), which videos can be shared and streamed by others.

TikTok originates from China, where it was launched as ‘Douyin’ in late 2016.The service was rolled out globally as ‘TikTok’ in the following year. In November 2017 ByteDance acquired the popular app, a short video-based social media service similar to TikTok, for $800m to $1 billion USD in a bid to gain more traction outside of China.TikTok was eventually merged with the app in August 2018.

The platform has already been responsible for the launch of new artists careers, of which the story of Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ is most notable.

TikTok uses sound recordings in various ways:
– Audio Library;TikTok provides an audio library from which TikTok users can select pre-cleared sound recordings to use in their TikTok videos.The audio library allows users to listen to 30 second clips of sound recordings only.
– Usage in TikTok Videos by creators:TikTok users can use sound recordings in their TikTok videos. Users can either upload or record the songs themselves or pick them from TikTok’s audio library. Users can make available the TikTok videos they created to others for playback, either on TikTok itself or through email or social platforms.TikTok videos are not longer than 30 seconds and may not contain more than one sound recording with a duration longer than 30 seconds.
– Streaming as part of TikTok video: TikTok users can stream all TikTok videos uploaded to the platform by others, including any recordings used in those videos. Distribution to TikTok is available on VerseOne Distribution.

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