Slacker Radio is an interactive Internet radio service and subscription streaming service available in the US and Canada. It launched in 2007 and was acquired by LiveXLive (live event streaming platform) in Sept 2017 for $ 50M. Pandora currently has accumulated 1,2 million unique monthly users. Listeners can access the service on the web, through mobile apps on multiple smartphones as well as on Slacker Personal Radio Players and other devices. It allows users to create and share customized music stations.

Slacker is available in several tiers:

Basic Radio
Slacker Radio’s Basic Radio service is a fully DMCA compliant non-interactive web radio service.

Radio Plus
The Radio Plus tier offers access to the same functionality and service as Slacker Basis without advertisements and including replay options and unlimited skips.

The premium service is a full on-demand and unlimited ‘Spotify style’ service that costs 9,99 USD per month.

Music distribution to Slacker is available on VerseOne Distribution.

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