Kuach Media


Kuack Media Group is a company based in the US focussing on building and operating white label music streaming services for various large mobile carriers in Latin America and the Caribbean (including Movistar, Vodafone etc). Kuack operates subscription-only streaming services, which are offered by mobile carriers standalone or bundled with other services.The catalog of Kuack contains more than 25 million tracks.The company operates two subscription tiers; the Spotify-like “Premium” tier and the more affordable “Top Chart” tier.

The Premium tier provides unlimited on-demand music streaming, with offline access, including the ability to create playlists, share songs, and playlists on social networks.This tier can be utilized by a max of 3 devices.

The Top Chart tier is a lower priced offering with more limited access. It provides on-demand access to a Top 40 playlist and up to 5 other playlists a user can select himself from a range of different curated playlists. The Top Chart subscription tier also allows for offline playback, but only of the complete playlist, not individual tracks.

Lola – VI (
Kolbi Music as offered by Kolbi – CR (
Viva Musica – BO (
Movistar Musica Peru – PE (
Movistar Musica Columbia – CO (
Vodafone Zambia – ZM (
Virgin Mobile Colombia (Lola Music) – CO (
Orange Dominican Republic (Altice Music) – DO ( ( personal/entretenimiento/altice-music)
Bitel Peru – PE (

Digital Music distribution to Kuack Media is available on VerseOne Distribution.

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