Jaxsta is an Australian based music tech company that has built a rich informational database with music credits. Jaxsta collects and verifies music data such as recording artist, producer, songwriter, label, session musician and engineering credits and makes this information available to users through its Jaxsta service and website. Jaxsta has sourced (and licensed) the data directly from many copyright owners. Jaxsta aims to be for music what IMDB is to film. It also aims to work together with DSPs to help increase the quality of metadata.

Jaxsta plans to offer three different service level tiers for three different groups of users, being:
A free-to-the-user B2C web platform located at an online music informational database which is free for the user to access and use.The service provides various recording, performance, songwriting credits as well as liner notes and album artwork.This B2C webservice is currently live in beta (since June 2019).The service is advertisement free.

Jaxsta Pro: a paid subscription tier that is aimed at the professional user that provides additional third party sourced insights and data, such as worldwide music charts, festival and music conference dates, market insights and reports as well as publisher and label details. Jaxsta Pro is yet to be launched. Launch is expected towards the end of 2019.

B2B Distributed Service: a paid service specifically aimed at professional third parties such as music platforms which includes integration of the Jaxsta database into such third party’s platform or service
( through API calls most likely). The B2B Distributed Service is not yet launched and a launch date has not yet been set for this service.

Music distribution to Jaxta is available on VerseOne Distribution.

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