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Introducing GoAsia

GoAsia: Introducing Artistes into Asia Music Market

GoAsia: Introducing Artistes into Asia Music Market

GoAsia is a project provided by VerseOne Distribution to provide a launchpad to the Asian Music Industry mainly China, India.

With a population of 1.4 billion in China and 1.37 billion in India, these amount to about 40% of the world population.

Other time we have discovered that many musicians have ignored the Asian market in the past and some musicians signed to major record labels and a few who use independent distribution networks have had their music submitted to Asian markets but little has been done to create visibility and make the Asians accept their music in these territories.

Our Goal with GoAsia is to handpick select musicians In each genre all be it with emphasis on Afropop, Afro R&B, soul and jazz, and world music genres, promote them to the Asian listeners through our partnerships with Tencent Music Entertainment (QQ, Kugou, and Kuwo) and Baidu (Asia’s Google) Music, and Jiosaavn (India).

Bearing in mind Tencent Music Entertainment’s per-stream payout, for example, is just 0.001 RMB, or $0.00015, which is about 3,4% of what Spotify pays the artist. Of course, TME has nearly six times more users than Spotify, which helps level out the field a bit — but still, it’s $150 made on a million streams. Therefore, depending on your fanbase comprising mainly your nationals may not be enough to earn sufficient revenue. We want to help you reach out to the locals in these territories.

This will include but will not be limited to
Playlist pitching
Radio Plugging
Lyrics Translation
Music Video Subtitling
Cultural Approriation
Exclusive Digital Distribution of both Audio and Video Works (Asia Only)
Publishing Administration for the prescribed territories
Use of images, audio, and video for marketing and promotion.
Royalties collection and Payments according to terms stipulated in the Distribution and publishing contracts.

VerseOne Distribution provides digital music distribution services and publishing administration services to independent musicians and record labels for no upfront fees but rather a fair commission share. We distribute to more than 150+ downloads and streaming services worldwide.