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Audible Magic was founded in 1999 to enable a radically new user experience with a breakthrough audio identification technology. Audible Magic pioneered the use of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) in a range of applications. From content identification to media synchronization, Audible Magic’s technology is now used by big media and technology companies, as well as by independent app developers.

In 2000 Audible Magic acquired the Muscle Fish LLC consulting group, bringing the core fingerprinting technology in-house. Over the years Audible Magic has been granted 30 patents across the U.S. and Europe. This strong focus on intellectual property creation and protection, plus a keen focus on performance and customer satisfaction has kept Audible Magic the leader in the ACR marketplace.

Audible Magic is the leader in automated identification of audio and visual content for web media platforms and social networks. Our content identification systems have been in production for years and are trusted by major customers such as Daily Motion, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo and Verizon Wireless.

• Audible Magic has a proven and scalable infrastructure supporting millions of transactions every day for customers who have stringent requirements for uptime and response time. Our delivered service levels are driven by the needs of our customers to reliably respond to massive volumes of user uploads.

• Audible Magic is the de-facto standard for identification of music for compliance/rights with content registered by the major labels (UMG, Sony, Warner, EMI) and the major music aggregators/associations (Orchard, IODA, IRIS, Merlin), which manage content from thousands of independent labels and artists. Our database contains tens of millions of songs, is populated by the majors pre-release, and contains rights/business rule information including geographic rights and provides differentiation between owned and distributed content.

• Audible Magic has built content relationships with the major studios, including NBCU, Fox, Viacom/MTV, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, and Disney/ABC. Our database contains hundreds of thousands of titles including TV and film content, much of the new content is registered with Audible Magic pre-release/pre-broadcast. There is no cost of registration so most of our customers just refer content owners to Audible Magic and we take care of the rest.

• Together between music, motion picture, TV program and TV advertising content, we add on average over 250,000 new titles to our identification databases each month.

• The anti-piracy operations of the RIAA and IFPI use Audible Magic identification services.

Basically, with Audiblemagic, your music is even more secure.

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