Verse One.
As an artist who recognizes that "Every Verse Counts", digital distribution has become a must in order to reach all your potential fans. Verseone distribution grows your visibility. It gets your music into as many ears as possible. And it helps you get paid for your music. LET US HELP YOU COLLECT ALL WHAT YOU ARE DUE!


  • Streams

  • Radio Play

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Playlists

In todays world where music consumption has migrated from store shelves to cell phones. Its become more than ever important to know where your music is played from. Not just sales data but social media engagements, radio airplays and many more.

We provide you the opportunity to access deep data analysis about to your musical career. Our data bundle includes

  • Socials, Charts, Playlists & Airplay data in a single dashboard
  • Identify the sources of growth by country and platform
  • Global Radio Airplay Monitoring
  • Real-time data from over 8,800 charts and millions of playlists
  • Get into details on specific countries/songs with an in-depth view
  • UK

  • France

  • Nigeria

  • South Africa

  • Portugal

  • United States

  • Italy

Optimization of workflow

Monitor real time data for more accurate project planning and optimization.

Track Multiple artistes

You can purchase your data along with data of other artists in your record label for side by side comparison and trend analysis.

Personalize your requests

You can select your focus markets e.g specific countries, Select your preferred market, source, time period etc

Cross Referencing and auditing

You can use our reports to cross-reference with reports issued from other sources e.g. royalty payments data.