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Preparing Your Release Best Practices

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– Do plan to submit your release 3-4 weeks before the release date

– Do make sure the first letter of each word is capitalized for the tracks, titles and artists

  •  “Let’s get this party started” (This is incorrect. Only the first word is capitalized)
  • “Let’s Get This Party Started” (This is correct. The title is capitalized appropriately.)

– Do mark songs properly explicit if applicable. You could be penalized for not doing so.

  • Do make sure your album art is a square 3000×3000 pixels image at high resolution meaning it looks crisp.

– Do double check everything before submitting to make sure all artists and track names are spelled correctly

– Make sure your audio is 44.1kHz 16-bit .flac or .wav format and ensure it is fully mastered.


– Do not include Producer credits in any titles. If you would like them credited they must be listed as a primary or featuring artist. Their artist name can not be Prod. Artist A or some variation of that. 

– Do not put release time frames such as new release, exclusive, or out xx/xx or anything involving time frames on the artwork

– Do not use terms such as Album or Edited or Clean in the release title or mix version. Please mark the release Explicit if applicable or not.

– Do not put logos or names of other brands, streaming providers, retail outlets, or social media companies on the cover art i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Pandora, etc.- Do not list featured artists as primary or at the release level, only as featured and on the song in which they are featured.

– Do not use images containing nudity or copyrighted works. Do not submit the first image you find on Google. Be unique with your release.

  • Your music is not allowed to contain anything that might infringe upon the Criminal Act in any part of the territory. This includes, but is not limited to, infringement or instigation of rebellion, persecution of an ethnic group, child pornography or unlawful description of violence. Your music can neither include material that is obscene or defamatory of any person. In addition, you should not include samples that are not cleared for use and/or redistribution.