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Music not listed on all partner stores

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There are several reasons why your music may not be listed on some partners stores as at the time you are searching for them. Please find below a list of possible reasons.

1.Non traditional digital service providers
Not all partnerships we work with are traditional partners such as online stores or streaming providers. For example, we may have technology related partnerships with Audible Magic and Gracenote who don’t really have public searches and serve a different function from generating download or streaming revenue.

2.Still in transit
The release may still be in transit. We do ask you give us as much lead time as possible between when you submit the release and the release date itself because it does take time to deliver. We’ve brought down the time to deliver to the point where we deliver several times a day once we approve your release however, if you are submitting to us a song on a Monday and expecting it to be out on a Tuesday, it may not show up for about a week due to the processing times in every outlet.

3.Membership needed for searching
For streaming providers, you may have to have a membership to access their platform, if not, you may have difficulties in searching for the material.

4.Inability to search by Record Label
If you are a record label, searching for your record label on a streaming provider or many outlets will return 0 results because not every platform has the ability to search for content by record label. We always recommend Artist Name Track Name this way it can locate your release efficiently.

5.Metadata / tech focused partners
In the case of YouTube Content ID or Soundcloud ID, or even Sirius, these are for sure not able to be searched because they are mostly data driven. These partners rely on us sending music for them to scan their existing database of music and locate anyone using your song or to provide us with any reporting on if your material has in fact been played or streamed.

6.Curated services
Services such as Pandora’s traditional service that everyone has now come to know and love as well as iHeartRadio are curated services. A curated experience means that we’ll deliver content and their team, whether it be human or algorithmic will preview and decide if the content will make it onto their platform. 

7.Lead time at source
The time that it takes us to deliver your music will greatly differ from the time that it may take a company to process your material. Some have different lead times in getting content which is again, another reason why we specify to give us 2-3 weeks before a release date just to be sure.

8.Server / unforeseen problems
There can be unforeseen problems that you may not know nor, that we will communicate. If a server of a platform goes down (which can happen from time to time no matter the size of the company) then we are stuck waiting just like you and have to often times schedule redeliveries which will cost us time and money but, is our responsibility of course.

9.White label providers
Partners such as 7Digital and Medianet in the USA essentially handle the services for various streaming outlets. These are called white label providers. We deliver to them, and they put the material on the platforms. THIS IS NOT sub distribution. Every distributor both big and small will have to deliver content to a 7Digital if they want it on CUR Music for example because 7Digital powers the service of CUR Music. Because of this, there may be new partners and/or partnerships that fizzle out and we don’t receive a lot of real time information thus, once the white label providers process and get it on the services under them, then that is when they are searchable however, services such as CUR Music may still be curated services above thus, delivering to a white label provider may mean it may not be searched, may take longer, and may only reach a few outlets rather than their entire experience and partnerships.

10.Time of the search.
If you are looking for your music on the day of your release, it may not be live depending on the timezone that the partner you are searching for is in. If you are in Europe, it will be 12am before it is 12am in the Eastern and Western timezone and if a partner is located in these time-zones, it may not be up until it is 12am in their respective timezone.

If none of the above applies, there may be an issue with the platform itself and/or something else that may be affecting the release. You are free to create a ticket to inquire and we’d be glad to look into the issue.

Please be patient, check back in a few days or contact us if the problem persists using our contact page