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How Royalty Reports are Loaded and Paid to you.

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Each and every report (hopefully) includes a UPC or ISRC in every single sale and/or line item. If there is a single, or a streaming provider, usually we receive line item data from a partner with the ISRC listed at which point, we can then load onto the your account to where that data matches up to your existing song and shows up in your sales summary.

If it is a download sale of an album, we only receive the UPC and no ISRC since its one sale attributed to the release. We additionally match these to your report so that it shows in your summaries.

In the event we do not receive a UPC or ISRC (because it happens), we go by the label name that we have on file and match that accordingly. 99% of the time there is a match but in very few and rare cases, if a partner name has your label or artist name written differently (because that also happens) then it will fall under an area for us to review called “Unmatched Labels”. We match this revenue to you to ensure that if that future label or artist name that occurs is not matched, that it does indeed match going forth.

In summary:
-We receive the data from the partner with UPC and ISRC and match it to your catalogue
-If no match, then we go by the account name.
-On your end, if you dont have the material loaded with the UPCs and ISRC’s it will show under “Unmatched Sales”.