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Genre not available on Beatport

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Occasionlally, you may discover that your chosen Genre is not available on Beatport. This may be because Beatport constantly adds and removes genres from their approved list like Trap, Tropical House, Jackin’ House, Twerk, etc. and sometimes our system may not identify a newer genre addition. You can still distribute with these genres but it needs to be done manually.

If you do not see your Beatport genre when creating a release follow these steps:

  1. Submit the release with the next closest genre (for example if Trap isn’t available select Bass or Hip / Hop)
  2. Once the release is approved create a ticket providing the UPC and desired genre for the release
  3. Once we have received the request we can manually edit the release on Beatport’s system
  4. Please allow at least 18 days between the release and submission date for this type of edit in order for the release to go live under the proper genre