Requested payment but haven’t received

Expect your payment to arrive 3-5 business days after your request (excluding any time that we have to mail you a check). Why is this? Read below to understand.

Requesting a payment through our system creates an invoice which then alerts our accounting department to make a payment but, we still need to validate and send out payments manually to ensure correctness.

If a royalty report is posted on a Thursday or Friday, the payment may not go out until the next day, Saturday, Sunday, and/or the following week so please be patient.

We did receive your payment request and will send out your payment as quickly as our accounting team and systems can validate and send.

Validation Entails:  

  • Processing the payment in the order it was received in
  • Verifying your tax details are correct
  • Ensuring that your account details match up to your tax details
  • Doing a final audit of your royalties

In addition, we will further verify if we have tax details on file prior to sending out a payment and thus, may reach out. Please ensure you check your junk or spam folders.

Further, if you requested payment and you haven’t received it for more than 5 days, please feel free to create a ticket so we can identify the issue immediately.

Lastly, note that on Saturdays and Sundays we are closed and no payments are being sent.


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