Dubset provides a platform called ‘MixBank’. The MixBank service is a content management system built by Dubset that allows content owners to identify, block, or monetize usage of their content in mixed or remixed content uploaded to MixBank for clearance and distribution and provides the following functionalities:

– Registration: Creators of mixed or remixed content (professional or amateur DJs) are able to upload their single-track remixes or multi-track mixes, mashups or longer DJ sets to MixBank for identification and potentially clearance and distribution to DSPs.
– Identification: Mixed content uploaded to MixBank by creators is being analyzed and identified by Dubset’s identification technology (using fingerprinting information from Gracenote)

– Content Management:After the different pieces of content used in mixed content uploaded to MixBank are identified by the MixBank technology, usage thereof is reported to the respective rights holders to the extent they are registered in the system and submitted their content.The MixBank platform subsequently allows these rights holders to manage usage of their content in mixed content through the MixBank dashboard and set their own usage policies.The MixBank dashboard offers rightsholders functionality to set their own rules and restrictions that determine how their content may be used in mixes or remixes.The dashboard also provides rightsholders with an overview of all mixes and remixes uploaded to the system that contains their content.

– Distribution & Royalty Payment: If 70% of the content used in a mix or remix uploaded to MixBank is identified and cleared for usage by the respective rightsholders, Dubset offers the ability to distribute that mix or remix to Apple Music and share in any royalties earned for streams of the mix or remix on Apple Music. Mixed content cleared through Dubset’s MixBank is being made available for playback on Apple Music in the genre section ‘DJ Mixes and Live Sets’.

Digital Music distribution to Dubset is available on VerseOne Distribution.