Boomplay Music


Boomplay is currently the #1 and fastest growing music community, lifestyle and entertainment app with a focus on music that aims to build the largest and most sustainable digital music platform in pan-Africa & African diaspora markets.  Boomplay’s music service helps artists and content providers monetize their content effectively while allowing music lovers to do the following:

  • Download music
  • Subscribe for unlimited music
  • Listen to their favorite songs
  • Watch videos on the go
  • Curate personal playlist
  • Follow, engage and interact with fellow users
  • Listen to their favorite celebrity’s music

Boomplay Music primarily focuses on African local and urban music content and was first launched in Nigeria in 2015. Boomplay Music released “Boomplay Music Version 2.1” in March 2016 introducing its Premium Subscription which featured paid subscription services, ad-free listening and downloads for offline play.

Music distribution to BoomPlay is available on VerseOne Distribution.