Beatsource is a download and subscription streaming service for DJs. Beatsource is a joint venture between Beatport and DJ City. Beatsource specifically focuses on seven genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance Latin, Reggae & Dancehall.
Beatsource offers the same services with the same functionality as Beatport, but then with a focus on different genres.

Beatsource offers the following services:

ALC Download store:
Beatsource is offering permanent downloads, carefully curated to suit the needs of DJ’s.Tracks are available at 1,29 USD/EUR with the addition of 0,75 USD/EUR for lossless files. Beatsource offers tracks for download in the following formats:MP3,MP4,M4A,AIFF andWAV.

Download subscriptions:
The download subscription provides its subscribers with a discount on tracks and for some tiers provides a set number of downloads with no extra cost.

– Beatsource +:This tier does not include additional downloads but does offer a 10% discount on all downloads bought on the Beatsource platform.

– Beatsource X:This tier includes a set number of 10 MP3 downloads per month.The rest of the functionalities are the same as Beatport +.

– Beatsource Pro:This tier includes a set number of 20 Lossless downloads per month. Instead of an applied discount, all lossless downloads are available for the price of an MP3.

Streaming subscriptions:
Beatsource also operates a streaming subscription for DJs that allows the entirety of Beatsource’s catalogue to be directly streamed into a DJ performance software.

– Beatsource Link:This tier does not have an offline locker option.

– Beatsource Link Pro:This tier also has an offline locker storage with a max of 50 tracks.

Beatsource Link Pro+:This tier also has an offline locker storage with a max of 100 tracks. Distribution to Beatsource is available at VerseOne Distribution.