Audible Magic


Audible Magic is a content-recognition service that, through its database of audio and video fingerprints, offers services to various media platforms like Twitch, TikTok and Facebook to help them to monitor (and block) unauthorized audio and video usage in uploads and live stream by their users on their platform.When content is delivered to Audible Magic it will be blocked on all services that Audible Magic services.

Audible Magic was launched in 1999 and is one of the leaders in automated identification of audio and visual content for web media platforms and social networks. Content owners can include their content in Audible Magic’s fingerprinting system by delivering their catalogue to Audible Magic.

Facebook, Tiktok and Twitch (amongst others) as UGC platforms use Audible Magic’s audio fingerprinting services to monitor and block unauthorized usage of audio content by users on their services. All content submitted to Audible Magic for inclusion in their audio-fingerprinting system will be automatically blocked on the UGC platforms that use Audible Magic.Audible Magic does not provide content owners with a system or dashboard to set their own usage policies. Audible Magic only allows the possibility to block or to unblock. To block content, content has to be delivered to Audible Magic.To unblock content, the content has to be taken down from Audible Magic.

Distribution to AudibleMagic is available on VerseOne Distribution.