BMAT monitors and reports music 24/7 in over 5,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV channels in 134 countries and over 1,000 venues on 5 continents. BMAT can tell when and where any song is played and provide the metadata that describes who owns each of the rights in that song.The service is calledVericast and can track any public communication of music and is currently used by more than 100 CMOs and 600 labels and publishers worldwide.After delivering your content to BMAT, they will generate audio fingerprints of your catalog using proprietary and patented technologies.These fingerprints are used by CMOs around the world to easier identify content, ensuring a more accurate payout for your neighboring or publishing rights income.

Today the BMAT platform delivers 26 million identifications monthly and oversees 1 trillion digital transactions yearly.The music monitoring services aim to provide a neutral source of data available to any party involved in the value cycle – creators, producers, labels, publishers, distributors, CMOs, broadcasters, DSPs and venues.

As an additional (paid) service BMAT can also give you access to territorial play count reporting with and more detailed data reporting services.

Digital music distribution to BMAT is available on VerseOne Distribution.