VerseOne Distribution Partners Musicians Union of Liberia/Afroxilla media


VerseOne Distribution Partners Musicians Union of Liberia/Afroxilla media. VerseOne Distribution is excited about working with the Musicians Union of Liberia (MULIB) to facilitate worldwide digital distribution of Liberian music. Appreciation for African music has grown tremendously in recent years and for Liberia’s vibrant music scene, we are looking forward to working with MULIB to reduce music piracy and global appreciation for Liberian music.

Strategic non- exclusive global music distribution partnership with VerseOne Media on behalf of the Liberian Music Industry.
The Liberian Music Industry now has access to online digital streaming music platforms through a partnership agreement between AfroXilla Media and VerseOne Media.
The distribution deal was finalized on August 15, 2020 to facilitate worldwide digital distribution of Liberian music. This partnership aims to help the growth of Liberian artists and their music careers.

“AfroXilla Media has been one of the pioneers promoting and showcasing African culture over the years. African music has now become a global sensation and we are glad we are able to continue to work for the culture. We look forward to seeing Liberian artists grow their careers and benefit from this partnership.”

Toneah S. Dolo, Co-founder Afroxilla Media.

“Liberian Music is vastly growing and creating avenues for revenue generation is extremely important. The industry has a lot of talent and having global exposure will boost the music market. I’m excited VerseOne Media has provided services to distribute Liberian music on streaming platforms”.

Majeidah Queen Dolo, National Organizer MULIB.

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