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Track Titles lyrics and Karaoke

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If there are more than one as it is a Volume or a Part It will need to be stylized as “Release Title, Vol. 1” or “Release Title, Pt. 1”

Each track title must be unique. Track designations such as Live or Instrumental, etc go in the Mix version field. 

The standard, original version of a track must not include any additional information in the track title. For example, titles must not include Original Mix, Album Version, Original Version, etc.

For a single, the Track title and Release title must be the exact same including all parentheses and mix versions.

  • proper format is “Release Title (feat. Artist A) [Artist B Remix]”


  • Follow traditional English grammar rules with regard to capitalization.
  • There should be no periods or commas at the end of any lyric line.
  • Currently, spoken word/conversational content within a song should not be transcribed.
  • Lyrics sung in languages different from the primary language of the song should be transcribed in the language in which they are sung, not phonetically.


Release Title: Believer (Originally Performed by Imagine Dragons) [Instrumental Version] 
Track Title: Believer (Originally Performed by Imagine Dragons) 
Mix Version: Instrumental Version

If making a release wherein there are backing vocals (self-recorded, no samples) then you would change the release title and mix version field to Karaoke Version. 
You can include both the instrumental and “karaoke” version on the same release but the release title will remain [Karaoke Version]

Primary Artist MUST be the creator of content and original performing artist can in no way be tagged as primary, featuring or remixer. 
Absolutely no portion of audio from the original track can be used. Must be a “cover” essentially.

Primary Genre: Karaoke 
Secondary Genre: Instrumental

Backing Vocals must be recorded by the content provider as no amount of audio can be sampled from the original work(s)