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Royalty payment Schedule

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Here you will find the monthly Royalty payment Schedule and payments to which will keep you abreast of when reports are published and can be claimed. Sometimes, these payment reports can come in a bit late from partners and, can occasionally be added on to the next reporting period.

You will receive a detailed report after each calendar month has passed to cover a month that passed 2 months prior. This happens because it may take up to 60 days for us to receive payment and/or even statements, so we’ll need a month in between to ensure payment has been collected prior to paying everything out to you.

Please find below, the ESTIMATED POSTING DATES to make all this even easier for you.

Reporting Period – This is the time during which the report will cover. For example, the January report will show all royalties earned during the month of January. 

Estimated Payment Date – This is the estimated date we will provide the results for the reported period and when royalties will be added to your account balance. (For example, the January report will be provided between the dates of March 31, and April 5th.) Please keep in mind these dates may change to be sooner or later based on factors in partner reporting.

Reporting Period Estimated Payment Date
January Report Mar 31 – Apr 5
February Report Apr 30 – May 5
March Report May 31 – Jun 5
April Report Jun 30 – Jul 5
May Report Jul 30 – Aug 5
June Report Aug 30 – Sept 5
July Report Sept 30 – Oct 5
August Report Oct 31 – Nov 5
September Report Nov 30 – Dec 5
October Report Dec 30 – Jan 5
November Report Jan 31 – Feb 5
December Report Feb 28 – Mar 5

*Pre-order Royalties – Don’t forget that pre-order royalties come out on the date of sale (meaning general release date), so for a release with a pre-order in January with a general release in February, you would see all of the pre-order royalties on the February report as they will be added on the release date, not the actual date of the pre-order purchase.