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Policy of use of Samples

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Policy of use of Samples

1. If the Sample was obtained directly from the original owner. The original owner must provide a valid document that expresses his agreement with the obtainment, use and commercialization of his Sample, by the artist who intends to distribute it through the platform.

2. If the Sample was obtained from an instrument, either physical or virtual instrument. The license or any other evidence that can demonstrate that the Sample has been obtained from an instrument must be presented. Similarly, if applicable, you must present the license that is usually available with the instrument.

3. If the Sample was obtained through a payment service (per unit or per subscription). A proof of payment must be presented for the unit, or the registration of the subscription to said service, as well as an evidence that the Sample has been obtained through this specific payment service.

4. If the Sample was obtained through a free legal service. Any valid evidence that could demonstrates that the Sample has been obtained through the free service, must be presented, and also a valid evidence that that could prove that the commercialization of the obtained Sample, is authorized.

5. If the Sample has not been obtained by any of the aforementioned means. It must be justified and in the same way, present a document or any evidence that could prove that:

  • The use of the Sample is allowed
  • It has been provided by a legal means
  • It has been obtained in a legal manner
  • It grants permission to the commercialization of the Sample or derivative works

If the provisions of this policy are not met, then the content involved will not be approved, nor will its distribution be accepted.

Finally, we state that it is the duty and responsibility of the administrator of the service provided through the platform, the management of the issues raised, directly with the user who provides the content that contains any Sample.