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Getting Approved on Beatport

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Beatport is oriented primarily towards DJs, selling full songs as well as resources that can be used for remixes. Beatport therefore is a niche store, focusing on electronic music-oriented online music store and is a subsidiary of LiveStyle Inc.

How to get Approved on Beatport

Since Beatport tries to cater to specific genres (EDM, hip-hop) you’ll need to seek approval prior to distribution on their platform. This approval process takes around a week to process. Beatport accepts niche content, if your material does not fit the genres that they carry then it will not be sent because they don’t carry genres other than what you see on their platform.

How to get Featured on Beatport

If you have a new release and want it to be featured on Beatport. You have to take not that there is a lot of competition. But rest assured that you can successfully get your music featured with consistency and, of course, only if you make good music. Being featured in the first place isn’t easy but, is possible. A common misconception is that you can pay to be on the front page and we’ll put that to rest right now because no, front page features are not available for sale.

Everyone has the opportunity to be featured on the front page or aspects of Beatport and other partners however, we recommend you deliver material 4-5 weeks before a release date, have a consistent and professional design of your website and social media, release music consistently and most of all, have great music.