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Genre requirements

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Genre requirements

1. General requirements. Genre must always match with the content of the tracks. Current genre list is available on the platform, both at the album level, and at the track level.

2. Restrictions for classical music. The genre “Classical” and the ones derived (e.g. “Classical/Orchestral”, “Classical/Opera” or “Classical/Piano”) can not be sent to the iTunes and Apple Music channels, unless they are original or modern compositions.

3. Use of the genre “Soundtrack”. The genre “Soundtrack” only must be used when the music is related to movies, documentaries, series, musicals, video games or any other audiovisual productions.

If the music is only “inspired” in a video work or is not connected to any media production, the genre tag can not be “Soundtrack” but the one that indicates the style of the song.

4. Use of the genre “Karaoke”. When a an album or a track is a karaoke or a playback, the primary genre must be “Karaoke”. The secondary genre should be the one corresponding to the song’s style.

5. Use of the genre “Fitness & Workout”. This genre can be used as long as it’s in line with the metadata and the release’s concept. Generic names such as “Motivational”, “Workout” or “Cardio” can not be used at the artist’s and title’s level.