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General rules for ringtone distribution

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General rules for ringtone distribution

All information must be indicated following firstly the parameters of the General Style Guide, plus the followings:

  • Specific rules

1. Ringtones on music albums. Ringtones must be submitted as ringtones, not songs. Music albums must not include ringtone tracks.

2. Ringtone information. Albums, artists or track titles must not include any generic descriptive language such as “Tone”, “Alert Tone”, “Text Tone”, “Ringtone”, “Ringtone Version”, “Video Game”, “Game Music”, and so on.

3. Karaoke ringtones. Karaoke ringtones aren’t accepted.

4. Classical music ringtones. Ringtones of classical music must include the composer in the title. Standard nicknames for classical pieces are accepted.

  • Example: Beethoven: Symphony No. 1
  • Example: Beethoven: Moonlight