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Best Practices for Release Submission

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Every Artiste should have a clear idea of when a track or album cover or audio mastering will be complete before selecting a release date. There could be unforeseen circumstances in the creation process so you’ll want to give yourself enough time to set up your release. We also recommend staying in the cycle and launch only on Fridays. This will increase the likelihood of placing a playlist.

The required delivery time is not less than 4 weeks, 6 weeks is ideal for delivery of launch and marketing controllers. This gives us time to evaluate and approve releases, DSPs have time to receive them, and playlist publishers have time to receive releases and live with a release before deciding whether to present or be included in playlists.


his is a suggested timeline with loose action items to help maximize your release.

6 weeks before release date

  • Submit release ON TIME
  • Secure venue for listening event or release show and promote

4 weeks before release date

  • Secure media partner to premiere release
  • Initiate pre-save/pre-sale campaign – Please create a Help Request to obtain partner release links
  • Share pre-save/pre-sale on socials and CRM

3 weeks before release date

  • Enlist influencers, friends, family, fans, colleagues to share
  • Pitch your release in Spotify For Artists platform to promote algorithmic playlist potential

2 weeks before release date

  • Continue sharing

Week of release

  • Premiere the release on your media partner’s site or radio station, Youtube channel, etc.
  • Throw your listening party, release show, etc.

Release date

  • Share across ALL socials
  • Share any DSP pickup and other support, be sure to tag and thank anyone who has supported / featured the release
  • Repost fan shares

Post release

  • Repeat everything from the release date
  • Run Call to action or User Generated Content campaigns with incentive for fans


  • Premieres on media outlets and general press pick-ups
  • Radio campaigns or plays from direct DJ relationships and other DJ support
  • Music videos
  • Tour dates and other POI – “shared stages with”, notable festival appearances etc.
  • Charting, ie. Hype Machine, iTunes, Billboard, etc.
  • Third party Spotify playlists
  • DSP playlist placement and features
  • Social media follower and engagement
  • Brand and media partnerships
  • Advertising to be run for this release
  • Other marketing campaigns – wildposting, print, etc.
  • Pre-save and pre-sale campaign data (iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.)
  • Sync and other licensing information
  • Other artist development POIs – management, booking agent, TV/film appearances, etc.

It is essential that you and your team promote the release. Please make use of our tools – Pre-save links, etc.


Here are some suggestions for promoting your release. Take a dive in and think about which ideas make the most sense for your release. Get creative and customize them to your brand and your audience.

  • Pre-save/Pre-sale campaign
  • Countdown to release on socials
  • CTA to fans on socials – directly asking them to pre-save, DL, view, etc.
  • Offer incentives to fans – Instant Grats, merch packs, exclusive tracks, autographed items, VIP meet and greets
  • Invite other artists, friends, influencers to share the release on their socials and do the same for them
  • Create artists playlists on Spotify, etc.
  • Partner with other distributors: Noisetrade, VNYL, etc.
  • CRM – collect emails and send out newsletters via Mailchimp etc. inviting fans to pre-save, download, view etc.
  • Be sure all DSP and social profiles are up to date, verified where possible, and consistent
  • Update all tour dates and enable direct messaging on Bandsintown
  • Consider expanding digital real estate – join and utilize TikTok, Triller, Snapchat etc. if your audience

If you need additional support, please submit a request on our contact page