TouchTunes Network


TouchTunes is one of the leading B2B background music streaming service providers in the US.The company provides digital jukeboxes to over 65,000 venues across the US, including bars, restaurants, gyms and other social venues.TouchTunes offers two types of music jukeboxes;
– a coin-operated pay-per-play jukebox that allows for on-demand listening
The jukebox has curated playlists and an option for background music.
– a background music streaming service that allows for semi-interactive listening
This jukebox is more advanced than the coin-operated jukebox. By installing the TouchTunes app, visitors get access to control this jukebox remotely.The app also shows all the locations where the jukeboxes are available.The service works on a semi-interactive basis as users only have the ability to play tracks from curated playlists.

PlayNetwork is an US-based provider of subscription-based content streaming services to business and other commercial locations (B2B), like bars, stores, restaurants, airlines, public transportation etc. PlayNetwork’s music services include the provision of:
– background/foreground audio-only music to commercial locations;
– audiovisual programming to commercial locations; and
– audio-only and/or audiovisual programming to commercial transportation vehicles, e.g., airplanes, trains, ships and buses.

Music distribution to TouchTunes/Play Network is available on VerseOne Distribution.

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