How many partner stores do you have?

Because of the dynamic changes in the music industry, with new entries in the digital music distribution space, its usually not possible to make sales on each and every digital music store. There are however some partners who can be genuinely considered as powerhouses and are consistently generate substantial revenue for artists and record labels and we feel it is our responsibility to focus on those that will provide a return quickly and effectively without issues. In addition, not all partnerships are what you consider to be stores or streaming anymore. There are many important partnerships needed to ensure maximum and effective exposure as well as revenue and our cardinal objective would be to position you conveniently on the biggest most reputable companies out there while keeping an eye on new and promising platforms which could be considered potential income earners for artistes..

We have many relationships that will place your music on hundred’s of partners all over the world. Partners that entail retailers, streaming providers, technology and much more. All in all, it is over 150+ DSPs.

Know this, we will seek to get your music on hundreds of digital service providers out there but, it’s not as easy as flipping a switch due to the complexities of today and tomorrow’s music industry.

To see a list of our partnerships, please click here.

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