Beatport Promotional Expense

This is a fee charged to all distributors and direct providers for the promotional use and consideration of your material. Previously, this is deducted from payments without you knowing the amount, the amount is now shown for your convenience and transparency. The amount is not large and may only be .50c of overall revenue as it is prorated against everyone, including our cut.

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YouTube Composition are publishing royalties for the use of your content on YouTube and its affiliated brands.

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Although 9 – 12 months is a long time, this is a realistic timeline for setting up a publishing agreement, registering your titles worldwide, the societies processing your information, and finally, having our royalties department processing your payment. If you sign up with any publisher, this timeline is standard. See how the quarterly royalties schedule […]

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For the sake of this post, other services are considered: Publishing Administration, Neighboring Rights, Soundcloud Monetization, STEMS, Physical, Sample Packs, Music Video Distribution and more. We report royalties for other services at the same time of our quarterly statement postings. We only report once we have received payment for the said service and of course, […]

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The term ‘mechanical royalties’ initially referred to royalties paid whenever a song was reproduced by a mechanical device (remember one of a copyright owner’s exclusive rights is the right to authorize the reproduction of their work). The term ‘mechanical royalties’ was applied to the reproduction of songs in music boxes, player pianos rolls and, later, phonograph […]

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What is Publishing? In the music industry, Publishing refers to the ownership, control, and commercial exploitation of musical compositions. It further refers to the collection of all royalties ensuing from the usage of musical compositions.  Music publishing is the business of songwriters, composers and publishers. Why Choose Verse One For Your Publishing Administration? In order […]

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